Toddler dies of injuries suffered in child abuse incident

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —A toddler who was severely injured in what prosecutors called a serious child abuse case has become Kansas City’s first homicide victim of 2015.

The 2-year-old boy had been placed on life support after the incident early Friday in the 1700 block of Washington Avenue. Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte said the boy died Saturday night.

Mirsad Hamidovic, 23, had previously been charged with two counts of child abuse and two counts of domestic assault.

According to court records, police said Hamidovic had been watching the toddler while the boy’s mother was at work. Police said Hamidovic told them he jumped on and off of a bed and landed on top of the boy. Police said Hamidovic also told them that he had shaken the boy, who started vomiting blood and became unresponsive.

Medical personnel said the toddler had brain injuries and a lacerated liver that was consistent with being jumped on.

Gina Gutierrez said she lives near the area. She said a man banged on her door to ask for help with the boy, who wasn’t breathing. She said the boy was soaking wet and she initially thought he had drowned, but the man said he put him in a shower to try to wake him up. She said she tried as best she could to revive the boy.

She said she’s been unable to get news of the incident out of her head.

“I definitely feel for that baby’s mom. Because she made a choice. She left her baby with him and I know she wishes she could take that back. You do not leave your kid with somebody,” she said.

Prosecutors had previously requested Hamidovic’s bond be set at $500,000. Additional charges against Hamidovic may be filed in the wake of the boy’s death.


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