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Nixzmary Brown was born on July 18, 1998 in Waterbury, Connecticut. Even at birth Nixzmary was very beautiful as she graced us with her big brown eyes and a smile that would light up a room.  She was a very healthy looking child who shared and cared greatly for her family and things around her.  Nixzmary was raised bi-lingual, speaking English and Spanish.

Nixzmary’s mother Nixzaliz Santiago is from Puerto Rico and her biological father is a Pakistan man, Abdurrahman Mian.  When Nixzaliz became pregnant of Nixzmary, Abdurrahman did not want her to have the baby, but Nixzaliz refused to listen to her partner as she wanted to have her baby. During Nixzaliz’s pregnancy the two split up and Nixzaliz moved to Connecticut and partnered up with Edward Brown.  At a news conference Edward Brown advised he gave Nixzmary his surname, hence Nixzmary Brown.  Sadly, Nixzaliz and Edward did not marry or remain in a relationship, although Nixzaliz gave birth to two of  Edwards children, Edward and Selena.

Although Nixzmary was born in Connecticut, she spent several years in Nixzaliz’s hometown in Puerto Rico.  Nixzaliz then moved the family to Brooklyn, New York in 2003 were she met Cesar Rodriguez.  Cesar Rodriguez was always violent and many were made aware of this.  Cesar was discharged from the Army for sending a young person pornographic pictures of himself.  Prior to Nixzaliz and Cesar meeting in 2003, Cesar continued a life of abuse, criminality, and anger to each person in his life.

During Cesar’s and Nixzaliz’s relationship Cesar beat and molested Nixzaliz’s children, but most of his anger and rage was placed against Nixzmary. According to social workers, Nixzmary was the target child. Cesar would beat Nixzmary daily and molest her all the time. The daily beatings became increasingly worse requiring medical attention on a couple of occasions, that is, the times Cesar would allow Nixzmary to go to the hospital for treatment.

The Administration of Child Services were made aware of the abuse as complaints about the Brown’s family were reported . The first complaint which came in 2004 had proved unsubstantiated. The second complaint came on December 1, 2004 when Brown showed up at school with a black eye. Sadly, the neglect on ACS’s end contributed to Nixzmary’s demise.

It was reported that Nixzmary endured months of physical abuse on a daily basis.  She was tied to a wooden chair while bungy cord was tied around her ankles and waste to keep Nixzmary captive to the chair.  The chair was chained to the radiator causing Nixzmary to burn.  Cesar would place duct tape over Nixzmary’s mouth so when he punched her with a closed fist her cries would be muted.

Cesar found pleasure in disrobing Nixzmary to the point of her being naked and he would whip/beat her with a belt and metal belt buckle. Cesar was savage and brutal when dealing with Nixzmary and Nixzaliz (Nixzmary’s mother) would do little or nothing to stop Cesar from beating her daughter.

Cesar, in his videotaped confession, stated that on January 11, 2006 Nixzmary had “stolen” a cup of Jello strawberry yogurt and jammed Cesar’s printer.  Therefore, he stated he became enraged.  Once again Cesar tortured Nixzmary as he bound her, beat her, then stripped her naked, and beat her with a belt.  Then he forced Nixzmary into the bathroom tub and shoved her head under freezing cold water on a very cold January night.  He would then slam her head into the bathtub causing the fatal blow that would kill Nixzmary.  Her mother, Nixzaliz Santiago, ignored Rodriguez slamming Nixzmary’s head into a bathtub while dousing her with cold water.

Finally, when Nixzaliz checked on Nixzmary, 2 hours later, Nixzaliz gave Nixzmary a warm bath as she was freezing.  After the bath, Nixzaliz clothed Nixzmary and put her down.  As Nixzaliz exited the room, Nixzmary called to her stating “Mommy Mommy don’t leave me”, but Nixzaliz left Nixzmary alone to die alone.  When Nixzaliz was asked by police “Did you think you would lose your daughter? Nixzaliz stated “Yes”.” That night around 4:00 a.m. Nixzmary’s older brother, Javier reported to her mother that Nixzmary was no longer moaning or breathing.

Nixzaliz ran into the room and beautiful Nixzmary was dead. Cesar would perform CPR on Nixzmary, while Nixzaliz ran upstairs to her neighbors house asking her for help.  When her neighbor Ulbis Rivera entered the room where Nixzmary was she was in sheer shock as Nixzmary had bruises that covered her entire body, blood all over, and Nixzmary’s face was unrecognizable.

Since Nixzaliz and Cesar did not have a phone Ulbis (Neighbor) used her cell phone to call 911, and once Ulbis called 911, Nixzaliz started to scream and cry out “my daughter my daughter.”  Prior to the phone call being made, Nixzaliz was not crying or screaming.

Almost two years after Cesar murdered Nixzmary his trial went underway.  Cesar was acquitted of 2nd degree murder and was found guilty of 1st degree manslaughter. He received 29 years for brutally murdering beautiful, 7 year young, Nixzmary Brown.

Nixzaliz’s trial went under way after Cesar’s and Nixzaliz was found guilty of 1st degree manslaughter and she received 43 years in prison.

Nixzmary Brown’s murder caused Mayor Bloomberg to have the appropriate channels revamp ACS.  Additionally, on October 9, 2009, Governor Paterson has signed into New York State Law “Nixzmary’s Law”. The signed bills include A.5080 / S.6091 – often referred to as “Nixzmary’s Law” – which amends the murder statute to add a new subsection addressing the murder of a child less than 14 in an “especially cruel and wanton manner” and authorizing a sentence of life without parole. Nixzmary Brown was seven years old when her mother and stepfather kept her tied to a chair in a “punishment room” over several days and then beat her to death. Now, individuals who commit such heinous acts may be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“Signing Nixzmary’s Law cannot bring back the life of a young girl, but it does send a message that such abuse of children will not go unpunished,” Governor Paterson said. “It is my sincere hope that a law such as this and continued vigilance by our law enforcement officials will help prevent tragedies like this from happening again.”

On a personal note, having attended both trials, verdicts, and sentencing (when I could take off of work) the pictures of Nixzmary’s dead body covered with bruises, blood, cuts, and gashes still haunt me.

It is because of the tragic and brutal murder of Nixzmary Brown that I started our organization, it was then that I decided I would do everything in my power to protect children.

May Nixzmary always be remembered and may her death not be in vain.  Together we can make a difference!

Please sign Nixzmary’s Law today and protect our nation’s children.

Rosey Noyb

Founder / Director


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