Mommy’s Safety Tips

Morally Corrupt Golf Coach Tees This Mommy OFF

 Andrew Nisbet, a popular Northern California golf coach, faces 65 felony counts related to child molestation on 3 or possibly 4 boys. He has allegedly sexually assaulted multiple boys during a three-year period, authorities said. I shudder to report that oral copulation of a child was one of the charges. Nisbet admitted to some of the lewd acts on his students. I bet you he told the boys it was a secret. Maybe if they’d have read Rosey’s book “No Secrets Between Us,” the abuse would have been detected sooner. The bottom line? Don’t Leave Your Child Alone With A Coach. Choose a class where more than one adult is present. Stay safe. ~V


Sniff Out Registered Sex Offenders From Your Phone

OK, I have to admit, I don’t have a smart phone yet because I like spending my money on my shoes and getting my hair done. But if you have a smart phone, check out this great app my friend Ryan told me about. The POM Offender Locator™ was designed to allow anyone in the US to enter a name or address and instantly locate registered sex offenders living in their area. The iPhone version of this application hit #3 on iTunes top paid applications (August 2009) and #1 in the Utilities category. Ryan has it on his Apple phone and he says, “Anytime I am in an area I don’t know and I am with my girl, II wonder if there is a pervert in the area and I boot up my app.” The Bottom Line: This is an app that will allow you to be in the know when you’re on the go. Stay safe. ~V



Let’s Make Potential Abusers Think Again
My heart broke more than a little when I saw little Kilah Davenport’s helpless face in the news. The sweet tot’s brain damage was courtesy of her thoughtless, raging father in a 2012 beating. And though I cannot feel that any good that comes of this is worth what happened to this child, I am glad to see that North Carolina is responding with a law that will ensure child abusers will face longer jail time in the state. (We are talking at least 25 years.) The law goes into effect today. I know I speak for all the Soldiers Against Child Abuse when I wish the family well in their plan to push for harsher punishments for abusers nationwide. The bottom line: Laws like that could discourage someone from abusing your child.
Stay Safe ~ V

Help the Kids in Your Life Stay Strong

I know a boy who grew to be a tall man. But, he never stood to his full height until he could unburden himself of the terrible secret he’d been keeping. The secret of the sexual child abuse he’d suffered in his youth had been eating away at him. If you want to make sure that the  children you love never let someone control them to the point that they are unable to speak about the abuse they suffer, make sure that No Secrets Between Us is one of their gifts this Holiday Season.

Just go to  to order your book.

Stay safe! ~V



Don’t Let Love or Lust Cloud Your Good Judgement

In the wake of the recent tragic death of a five-year-old Eain Brooks of Buffalo, I urge all women to tell their friends to tell their friends and get the following message out. Just because you want to trust your new boyfriend doesn’t mean you should when it comes to your kids. They are your most prized possessions, so no one you don’t know really well should be around them. And, by really well, I mean at least a year. Hopefully, by the end of a year any violent tendencies will have revealed themselves (targeted at someone less vulnerable than a five-year-old.) While I won’t pretend to know how long Eain’s mom knew her boyfriend, the bottom line for today is: don’t trust a boyfriend you don’t know well to be good to your kids.




The Sick Chick Who Went “Click Click”

A Pompano Beach teacher solicited several teens for sex on Facebook. Her exact words asked that they not fall in love with her but not hit it and quit it either. Do you know who is your kid’s friend on Facebook? The Bottom Line: You should monitor your kid’s social media pages frequently and speak to them about inappropriate messages. They should report any propositions to you right away.  While I’m on the subject of Facebook, I would suggest that for their protection, a child at least be in high school before having a Facebook account— just a suggestion! Of course its up to every parent to decide when their child is old enough to have their own account. Stay safe! ~V




The Not-So-Great Pretender

A news story you need to know: a 23 year old in Florida was arrested three times in one month for trying to lure boys and girls on the internet. He made the mistake of targeting an investigator posing as a 13 year old for sex! How did he do it? He pretended to be 16. He even visited kids when they were home with their parents! So the bottom line is: If a “child” who looks older than he claims to be visits your kid and he doesn’t go to school with him/her, ask to see his license. If he doesn’t have one, get him out of your house until he can provide you with acceptable ID. Stay safe!  V


The Dumb Side of Smart Phones

Did you know that unwanted people can find out where you are just by a few clicks on that adorable pic you posted of your little babycakes? Well it’s true. So the bottom line is: Protect yourself by going into the Settings function of your smartphone then to “Location Services” and scrolling down to “Camera” and turning that area “Off.” This will keep the would-be stalker from finding out where you live and where your child sleeps and plays. Stay safe! ~V

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