MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG has endorsed the Nixzmary Brown Soldiers/Soldiers Against Child Abuse since 2004


Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Endorsement

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Endorsement

Dear Friends:                                                                                             April, 2011

Thank you for attending the sixth Nixzmary Brown Child Abuse Awareness Rally, hosted by Nixzmary Brown Soldiers/Soldiers Against Child Abuse. As part of Child Abuse Awareness Month, today’s rally is an important opportunity to raise awareness about this critical issue and to work together to ensure that no other children suffer the same fate as Nixzmary Brown. On behalf of the City of New York, please accept my best wishes for a meaningful and productive event.
Michael R. Bloomberg


Me and Mr. Michael Reagan, son of the late President Ronald Reagan.

Me and Mr. Michael Reagan, son of the late President Ronald Reagan.







Rose Morrisroe: one of the top educational instructors for the state of New Jersey and founder for one of the leading non profits on child abuse prevention – Soldiers Against Child Abuse. She encompasses vision, awareness, passion and accomplishment to the world she touches…. She saves the world around her and embraces the hurt with healing, guidance and compassion. ~Michael Reagan


Mark Lunsford Endorsement

Rosey, Mark Lunsford and I can’t thank everyone enough for all your efforts in pushing Jessica’s Law to the forefront of the New Jersey legislative agenda. Thank you for traveling hours through the snow and fighting your way through union protesters to attend yesterday’s press conference and what turned out to be our own legislative lobbying day. Thank you also for all your calls, emails and all you’ve done to help make this trip successful. Please thank your supporters who also made the trip yesterday. This is definitely a team effort, and one we’ll win together!

Stacie Rumenap | President | Stop Child Predators



Hey Soldiers
I want to thank you for having us at your child abuse awareness event yesterday!!!! Your doing a great thing, please don’t ever hesitate to call me if you ever need anything. We are fighting the same fight and the more people the better. Hope to see you again soon.

South Jersey Chapter
Bikers Against Child Abuse
Commitment and involvement are two different things.
Bikers Against Child Abuse


Governor Pataki signs Joan’s Law into effect along side of the D’Allesandro family

Rosey is a wonderful advocate and fighter for justice.  She has stood by my efforts when I battled to keep my little girl Joan’s killer in prison. I counted on her and the soldiers to get letters and signed petitions to the parole board.  With out people like Rosey more of these monsters would be on the street.  She is forever vigilant in her efforts.  She and the soldiers came down to Trenton with me to lobby for Jessica’s Law to ensure that child molesters will stay in prison longer.  We love Rosey and know she will never stop the fight.

Rosemarie D’Alessandro

President/Founder of Joans Joy http://www.joansjoy.org/


Mothers Against Predators Org.

Rosey is a constant source of advocacy and knowledge for our children and those who care for them. Nixzmary Brown Soldiers/Soldiers Against Child Abuse runs a month long campaign every April in New York to promote and lobby for zero tolerance when a child is violated by abuse, rape, or murder. Rosey and her organization are a vital link in the fence standing between a child so many causes of harm. I am proud to endorse her personally and as the president of Mothers against Predators.
Jaemi Patrice Levine, President and Founder of Mothers Against Predators    http://wearemap.org/


National Child Advocate, Lee Davis

A respected and pioneer national child advocate, LD Davis, endorsed our movement and has become a Director of the Soldiers.

Dear Soldiers,

As a Child Advocate I have had the opportunity to work with many organizations, law enforcement and fellow advocates.  Throughout my journey I have come in contact with every type of personality.  I have to say that I am beyond impressed and honored to have the pleasure of working, associating and being friends with Rosey and many of the soldiers.  I pride myself in my involvement with the SACA and equally love my role within Rosey’s organization.  I have never seen a more dedicated and loyal team of people who are so very committed to the fight against child abuse.  Thwy work endless hours to raise awareness.  Rosey has a clear vision, she is driven and passionate and I believe if any person will be successful in changing laws to protect children that it will certainly be her.  We need more people like Rosey in our Nation, she is in essence a role model for all child advocates and I am proud to call her peer and friend.


LD Davis 

Soldiers Against Child Abuse, Social Media & Marketing Director, Case Manager, Child Abuse Awareness Network, Director, Protect Your Children, Chief of Staff, US Foreign War Veterans, Captain, Associate Member


Brenda K. Starr (Singing Sensation) & Me

Brenda K. Starr (Singing Sensation)








Rosey, I can’t thank you enough for making me a part of an amazing cause. I am proud to be a Soldier in the fight against child abuse. I am happy to attend and sing at your campaigns for Soldiers Against Child Abuse.

Brenda K. Starr
3 X Latin Grammy Winner


Veronica Kole wearing her Soldiers Against Child Abuse/Nixzmary Brown Soldiers Tee-Shirt

Veronica Kole, Singing Sensation, Soldier and Spokesperson for SACA






Hey everyone I’m Veronica Kole and I’m a Soldier for Soldiers Against Child Abuse. I’m proud to be a Soldier for several reasons. The most substantial to me, is the fact that I’m a child and being a child I stand up for the rights of people like me. I’ve had a great life where my parents are supportive of everything I do and I wish for all kids to have the same opportunities. The Soldiers stand up for people going through abusive situations with the people who are supposed to love and support them more then anyone in the world. It’s important to do so and potentially save the lives of several people my age who aren’t treated the way they should be treated. Raising awareness and spreading our efforts is very important to helping the kids around us and hopefully, one day, end the cruel act of child abuse by joining together in the fight for human rights. It’s amazing. The group of people brought together, The Soldiers who fight for the rights of others who can’t protect themselves. That’s why I’m a Soldier Against Child Abuse.

Love Always,

Veronica Kole        www.youtube.com/verok01   www.facebook.com/veronicakole



Actor and singer Nina Sophia Mojares is a Soldier and Spokesperson for Soldiers Against Child Abuse and she endorsed the movement. Nina Sophia Mojares accomplishments thusfar, recent national TV appearances on NBC’s America’s Got, the Maury Povich Show and NBC Today ShowAn award-winning ballroom dancer 1st place in the US Dancesport National Competition in Los Angeles.

Thank you Rosey and the Soldiers for inviting me to become part of the Soldiers Against Child Abuse crusade against child abuse! At your rally in NY, I witnessed how your mission has touched the hearts of many people. You have definitely become a role model for me. I want to make a difference like you.

God Bless,

XOXO Nina Sophia Mojares

Bronx District Attorney , Jill Stravesky

A committed and dedicated guest speaker, Jill Starishevsky, Prosecutor, Child Abuse/Sex Crimes, attends and speaks at our campaigns.

Thank you Rosey for a great event. Despite the rain, you got your message through. I look forward to next year’s event and hope it continues to grow. My older daughter was so proud to have held the book while I spoke. She actually memorized the poem and she wanted me to let her read it. When we left, she said, that lady’s name was Rosey just like my doll. So sweet!

Talk to you soon,


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